You are what you eat…

In what scientists describe as the most important find of the 21st century, a group of Harvard Medical School residents discovered that we eventually ‘become’ what we eat…or…’who’ we eat.  This is especially true for non vegetarians.  3 volunteers were studied for 20 years.  Each of the participants selected an animal that would form the main course of their meals at least 5 times a week.  They then compared visually each of their subjects with the animals they had chosen to eat.  Listed below are the animals and then the people who ate them:

Case 1: Eating Goats –

…the subject was a Muslim man from Indonesia –

Case 2: Eating Pigs –

…the subject was a Chinese man, pig is a staple diet in most of China –

Case 3: Eating Cows –

..the last subject was a Texas woman, downing beef burgers was what she liked a couple of times a day –

Amazingly, the US Govt is strong arming the scientists from publishing the findings.  Says the head scientist, “the study was very conclusive, so much so that the likes of Tyson and other meat producing companies are pressurizing the Govt from releasing this to the public.”


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