Pranab Mukherjee – Politicians not doing enough to loot common man

Very rarely do we get to see all members of the Lok Sabha sing the same song in synchronism.  The house exulted moans of approval as the finance minister read out his budget 2011 – 2012 when he pointed out that livelihood of Hundreds of NGOs and RTI activists has gone into a disarray as there was a decline of the number of causes for them to fight on an year on year basis.  This was clear by the Govt appointment anti-corruption committee report which discovered that the Govt officials and politicians were losing steam with regards to looting the common man.

Earlier, clever measures such as threats to delay paperwork for basic amenities like gas, electricity and water were employed to wean out a few hundreds from a middle class citizen.  Traffic police played their role in creating enough adventure in the boring everyday lives of an average Indian citizen by extorting good sums for breaking traffic rules.  “There is no such thing as traffic rules in India!” was not a good enough explanation given by a harassed motorist who had been apprehended by a traffic cop and his over-protruding tummy.

Another analyst points out, “overall, the average bureaucrat has gone irresponsible in upholding their trademark bribes.”  He described the major reason for this was that focus has shifted from the common man to the corporations that have done very well in the country ever since India gained prominence in the global scale.


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