Arranged Marriage to be new weapon for Public Subjugation – MNBC

MNBC, the national news agency reports that the US Government is finally resorting to indirect and direct promulgation of Arranged Marriage among its citizens.  Our special correspondent reported this while the Department of Homeland Security vehemently denied this, although its head, Secretary McLloyd, is already known to make arrangements to get his daughter married to a suitable boy from Austin Texas having a ‘compatible’ family background and, more importantly, having a ‘matching horoscope’  to his daughter.

Fellow Texans are upbeat when asked about this new concept.  Says Mr. Braun, a utilities store owner in Dallas: “Them Indian parents have’d a long history of being nosy about others lives, most definitely their own children.  It is time we start practicing this privilege right here in the US of A, yessir, wooohooo!”  Miss Sheen of the ‘Hog and Dog’ brewery doesn’t have a much different point of view: “So up until this time Indians thought they called the shots on emotional manipulation, mind games and general loathe and abuse upon their near and dears.  Let me tell you, we’ll show ’em how its done right.”

In the meantime, the Indian Ambassador to the US has lodged a formal complaint citing ‘reverse cultural invasion’ though he refrained from elaborating.  An aide in his office seemed to echo the sentiment of all Indians abroad “First they took away Yoga from our great country…now it is Arranged Marriage…tomorrow it will be our Culture, family system, even Infrastructure!!…you tell me? is not the way”.


5 Comments on “Arranged Marriage to be new weapon for Public Subjugation – MNBC”

  1. Sid says:

    tomorrow it will be our Culture, family system, even Infrastructure!!…you tell me?

    Even infrastructure – hahahah

  2. realnewscorp says:

    Man, this country anyways looks like a war zone already. All Indians could go crazy if they could afford it…they should have gone crazy long time ago, its just that the diet here is so contaminated that they don’t have the energy to be madmen … so they just zombies now

  3. Okay, I’ll admit I didn’t get the best impression of you from your comments on Sharell’s blog, but this is hilarious. Good stuff.

    • realnewscorp says:

      Thank you Anamikaa. Thanks also for not taking my comments too personally. I am in a very tight spot right now with my parents sitting right on me to make a decision regd marriage…its a long story and a very brutally sad one. It would be nice to get to spk to you once you are in Mumbai

  4. Linhy says:

    Interesting blog and thoughts you got going on there!! Check out my blog sometimes when you get a chance. If you like my writing and what’s on there become my follower!

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