‘Innovation In Terror’ Award to Journalist

Sources confirm that a prominent Terrorist organisation Jeehad-e-Buzdil has decided to confer its highest award given to a civilian to an Indian reporter.

When queried about the significance of the award, Afzal, who is the self appointed spokesman of Jeehad-e-Buzdil, said “Based on the number of votes collected throughout our ever dwindling camps <restrained laughter from Afzal and friends>, I was proud to announce the recipient.  She has helped us in no small terms in our venture in Mumbai last year and our cowardly…I meant daring.. defeat…ahem…excuse me…I meant feat in Kargil enabling us to inflict some more pain on our enemies.”

Afzal pointed out that it was no ordinary task to overcome coordination issues involving all the participating members of his organisation, given that most members are either in hiding or on a constant run.

Halfway through the interview a gun-wielding smallish looking man interrupted Afzal, and the two men got arguing for a while.  Afzal then came back to the interview and amidst apologies said “Ahmed wants to have this reported that he was a nominee of the award and the polls seemed to be rigged, no doubt by the Indian Intelligence agencies.”  The remark followed a satisfied look from Ahmed who then seemed to head back to his game of marbles nearby.

Afzal, knowing that Ahmed was out of the hearing radius then remarked with a wink “Ahmed is a dimwit; he was eliminated in the first round.  He would not even find work in the circus, no matter how much of a freak he looks. Between you and me, he once almost blew himself up in a mission, we are planning to send him onwards to another suicide mission and this time we’ll make sure the bombs work.”  His accomplices smiled and seemed to nod in agreement.